Taylor McBride is a character on FOX drama soap Melrose Place. She is portrayed by Lisa Rinna.

Character Edit

Taylor first appeared in the fifth season, when she moved to Los Angeles with her husband Kyle. Born Victoria Taylor Davis, she is the younger sister of Peter Burns's deceased ex-wife.

Series arc Edit

When she first came to town, Peter did not recognize her due to the large amount of time that they'd been separated. She initially used this to her advantage while harboring a romantic attraction to him, at one point kissing Peter when she found him in a drunken slump. Taylor later revealed her identity to him, but not her romantic affection. Peter's wife Amanda, however, could sense Taylor's attraction, and became regularly irritated by it. After Peter believed that Amanda had cheated on him, he and Taylor began an affair which eventually ended their respective marriages. As the couple began drifting apart, Taylor told Peter that she was pregnant, though he left her after learning that this wasn't true, and eventually reunited with Amanda.

After Peter humiliated her at their wedding, she started scheming to win Kyle back. She later learned from Amanda that Kyle had been having nightmares about the war, so she contacted Nick Reardon, who told her about a woman named Christine Denton, who Kyle had once loved. Although she had died in the Gulf War, Nick had led Taylor to believe she was alive and Taylor planned to use her to break up Kyle and Amanda. Taylor later became pregnant by Michael Mancini, and the two began living together. Shortly afterward, however, Michael reunited with his ex-wife Jane. After giving birth to her and Michael's son, Taylor took the child and moved back to Boston.