Second Chances is the 6th episode of Season 1 of Melrose Place.

Recap Edit

The episode opened with the entire building playing poker. The hand came down to Alison Parker and Jake Hanson, but Jake folded and Alison took home the pot. Neither had a good hand.

The next day, Jake approached Alison because he needed help studying for the GED. Jake had never finished high school because his home life was unbearable when his mother took up with a guys ten years younger than her named Hank. He took off to Portland and worked for a while before he returned to Los Angeles.

Rhonda talked Matt into going to one of her friend's, Theresa, dance performances despite his objections, but he actually enjoyed it once he got there. After speaking Theresa, Matt learned that Rhonda flaked out at an audition years ago and never got into the troupe because of it. Matt tried to push Rhonda in to trying out again, but Rhonda was hesitant and scared to fail.

When Alison comes out of Jake's apartment in the morning, the building began gossiping about what went on between Jake and Alison. They began to get closer as they realized they were total opposites, with Jake always living in the moment and Alison always planning for the future.

Rhonda and Theresa argued over whether Rhonda had what it took to beat her years earlier and a challenge is thrown down. When Rhonda succeeded during her audition, Theresa was devastated, stating she had hoped to see her fail because she always wondered whether or not she got her job by default. They made amends and went their separate ways.

Once the studying was done, Jake and Alison went out to an overlook to look out at the city. They shared a close moment and then they kissed. Jake passed the GED and received his high school diploma. The building celebrated with him at Shooters to end the show.

Starring Edit

Courtney Thorne-Smith as Alison Parker
Andrew Shue as Billy Campbell
Grant Show as Jake Hanson
Thomas Calabro as Michael Mancini
Josie Bissett as Jane Andrews
Doug Savant as Matt Fielding
Vanessa Williams as Rhonda Blair
Amy Locane as Sandy Harling

Guest starring

Gina Ravarra as Theresa
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