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Sandy Harling is a principal character on Season 1 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place. She is portrayed by Amy Locane.


Sandy is a vivacious aspiring actress who lives at Melrose Place Apartment Complex and works at Shooters while pursuing her goals. She and Jake Hanson shared a romantic history and retain a flirtatious friendship. She is also roommates and good friends with Rhonda Blair.


Sandy was a dreamer from South Carolina and spoke like a southern belle. She was very protective of Jake, despite him dumping her in the past, but also had a devious side to her, condescending to Kelly Taylor when she would come looking for Jake. She also flirted with Steve Sanders, especially after she learned his mother was Samantha Sanders. Sandy got a break with a part in a horror movie, but the idea of success went to her head and she started treating everyone around her with contempt. She lost her part, however, when she refused to do a topless scene.

A man named Paul Brubecker began stalking her after one date and Sandy's pleas for help went mostly on deaf ears, except for Jake who punched Paul out and moved Sandy temporarily into his apartment. When Jake was arrested for assault, Sandy went to face her stalker alone and announced to his boss that he was harassing her. She got Jake released after telling Paul she'd go to the police if he didn't stop harassing her. Sandy left the series in the 13th episode after winning a role on a television show. She is only mentioned by Rhonda in episode 14, never heard of again after that.