Reed Carter is a recurring character on Melrose Place. He is portrayed by James Wilder.

Character Edit

Reed, an old romantic interest of Jo Reynolds's, was introduced as an ex-convict who'd been arrested for his involvement in drug activities. Upon being reunited with Jo, he appeared to have begun a legitimate boat business, and the two began dating once again. However, Jo soon grew suspicious of him, and eventually discovered a large supply of drugs upon his boat. Reed then knocked Jo unconscious when she tried to leave, and set out to sea with her.

Jo awakened when the two were several miles from shore, and Reed informed her that she wouldn't be hurt as long as she cooperated. He then extended an offer for her to join him as he began life anew, stating that he had a final drug deal to complete while they were out at sea. Jo eventually attempted to radio for help, but was discovered by Reed and locked below deck. After freeing herself, Jo managed to take Reed by surprise and knock him off the ship. When Reed boarded the vessel again, Jo took hold of Reed's gun, and shot him in self-defense after he ignored her warnings. Before dying, Reed apologized to a shaken Jo, who was later found by the coast guard.

Upon being exonerated, Jo discovered that she'd become pregnant by Reed, and gave birth to her son Austin. She would then endure a number of battles over the child, first with Reed's parents, then with a temporarily disturbed Kimberly Shaw. Ultimately, Jo opted to give Austin up for adoption.

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