George Andrews is a recurring character on drama soap Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Ken Howard.

George was the adoptive father of Jane Andrews and the biological father of Sydney Andrews. He was married to Katherine Andrews. He was first introduced in season 3, when he came to visit Jane. During the course of his stay, he had Sydney committed to a mental institution following her suspected involvement in the hit-and-run of Michael Mancini.

A couple of years later, Jane learned that George was not her real father and that George and Katherine had adopted her. She set out to find her real mother.

George returned after the "death" of Sydney, only to find her husband with Jennifer Mancini. He was not happy to see that he had moved on so quickly. Jennifer later caught him on his trip and begged him to reconsider his anger at Craig, citing Craig's feelings for Sydney. George decided to go back and give Craig an insurance check from the policy he had on Sydney. he told Craig it was time they both got on with their lives before returning to Chicago.