Eve Cleary is a recurring character on Season 7 of FOX drama soap Melrose Place. She is portrayed by Rena Sofer.

Character Edit

Eve is an old friend of Amanda Woodward. During their time in high school, Eve saved Amanda from a sexual assault by pushing her attacker off the bleachers. The boy died soon afterwards. However, as the self-defense story was ultimately dismissed in court, Eve spent nearly two decades in prison.

After being released from prison after serving her time, she became a singer and worked at Kyle McBride's club, The Upstairs where she met Amanda's ex-husband Dr. Peter Burns. Eve initially had some adjustment issues, almost ruining her relationship with Peter by coming on too strong, but Peter stuck with it and eventually fell in love with her.

Eve and Peter were eventually married, but Lexi Sterling was determined to get Peter back with her, even coming to blows with Eve. Eve was also harassed by a former prison guard, Travis Hill, who threatened to tell everyone her secret about being in prison, but Kyle took care of the problem for her by pummeling the guy and telling him to leave town.

Later, Eve and Peter struck it rich when Peter's father died and they found the land he lived on had oil on it. Eve bought the Upstairs from Kyle while Peter bough Wilshire Memorial Hospital.

When Amanda wanted to land a big client named Tony Marlin, Tony demanded that Amanda help him seduce Eve in order to keep his business. The plan backfired, because when Eve found out about the plan, she threatened Amanda and told her to stay out of her life.

In time, Peter's old feelings for Amanda brought his relationship with Eve to an end. Feeling resentful toward Peter and others, Eve became mentally unstable and attempted to run Peter and Amanda over. She was arrested in the series finale for taking Peter's ashes and dumping them all over Lexi.