Carter Gallavan is a recurring character on Melrose Place. He is portrayed by Chad Lowe.

Character Edit

Carter was a billionaire software developer who fell in love with Sydney Andrews. He was supposed to be the next Bill Gates. He and Sydney met when she overbid his bodyguard, Walter, on one of Samantha Reilly's paintings by mistake. He bought it from her and gave her a thousand dollar profit.

He called Sydney later and invited her to a benefit, which she accepted. Carter was sheltered and had grown disenchanted with his way of living. He found Sydney to be a breath of fresh air and a distraction from his normal everyday routine.

After several attempts to spend time with Sydney, business (and Walter) kept interfering, so Carter took Sydney to his childhood home in San Francisco to spend time alone without telling Walter where he was going. Carter and Sydney slept together for the first time on the trip, where he opened up about his last girlfriend wanting him to change and be more of a grownup, but her demands caused him to hurt his video game business.

However, after he and Sydney had sex, he became inspired and couldn't do anything but work, causing Sydney to have go back home. Later, Walter made Sydney go away and poisoned Carter's mind against her by making up lies about her.

Sydney later showed up at Carter's press conference for his new game and exposed Walter as a fraud, albeit through a veiled series of questions. Carter understood, however, and got the message. He later ran away from his life to come stay with Sydney. After Walter came looking for him, he fired him and took a job at Kyle's, but after getting mugged in the parking lot, but saved by Kyle McBride, Carter decided to go back into his safe world.

he later overheard a conversation between Sydney and Samantha Reilly in which she confessed she didn't love Carter the way she should. Carter then politely broke up with her and flew away on his jet.